In our product pages, we only post details about our products. We choose not to post any subjective comments and let the products speak for themselves. Below is feedback from our clients.

M-45 Amplifiers

"Hi Man, I want to let you know that I listened to your new 45 tube amplifiers for about 4 days. It was with out a question the best sounding amplifier I have auditioned. It was quieter than any tube or solid state amp I have tried. Also had more detail and shear musicality than I have heard before. I tried it on Feastrex monster Alnico speakers and on the Lowther silver voice coil PM5 speakers. I highly recommend the amps. By the way Man, you are a great person with incredible integrity. It has always been a pleasure to know you and do business with you over the years. Thank you Kevin Brooks"


Midway UT (8-28-2014)

M-45 Amplifiers
"My highest recommendation goes to Man and Austin Acoustic.  I have a very expensive custom horn system that reveals EVERYTHING on an lp, but also the strength or weakness of electronics and cablling. I invested in very high quality cabling and thought it was so very musical….until I commissioned and installed Austin Acoustic amps.  They replace very expensive amps and simply embarrassed them.  I heard things off the lp that I never had heard, a resoltuion and soundstage that before was non-existent.  It is hard to describe the clarity, tonality and resolution I am hearing! I am now convinced that that complex amps and preamps veil the true sound. I have Kondo's best and a couple of others in the same league, but they, amazingly, are not in the AA league. I am certainly hearing the difference.  Man's stuff is  the best I have heard in a long musical journey. Best money I have ever spend on a system that was already superb."


​California (9-03-2014)

LS-437A Preamplifier

"Hi Man..Here are some thoughts about the  LS-437A preamp I recently purchased from you: 
It has the warmth of tubes and sounds very "organic",while having incredible control of the bass and highs.The soundstage is three dimensional. It is very transparent, able to pick up fine details and nuances quite well..I must say I am very pleased with this piece! Keep up the good work, Dan"


Calistoga CA (11-25-2014)

LS-437A Preamplifier

"My  LS 437a line stage was the 1st  commission ( and 1st 240v version as well),  and it has captivated me from 1st listening ….ousting an fine WE205D preamp to the storage shed. The WE437a is a great tube and Man’s amps have made the best of this tube. The characteristics of this Premap is a fine balance between the vintage tubes and detail that would satisfy audiophile requirements. Man has got this balance right – highly listable without losing any of the soundstage you associate with high end audio.  I am sure the LS437a  would add an extra dimension of “reality" to any system …  sure, there are tweaks to any amp but all I know is that I am not going anywhere else. I have found a combo ( 437 & 75TL ) that works for me. Ask him and he will make you a 75TL mono block as well!
He is committed to provide customers with great service and, I can say, stands by his products. Andrew , Auckland NZ"

Auckland, New Zealand (03-11-2015)